Guns, ammo, scopes, sporting goods, hunting, reloading, gun cleaning, saddlery, pre-owned, electronics, jewelry, tools, music, and more than we can fit in the description!

Check out our product lines!

Sporting Goods Long-Guns Handguns Scopes Reloading Ammunition
Full line of game-calls:
Turkey, predator, waterfowl,
elk, rattlers, decoys, and
much more from
top-brands like Primos,
Fox Pro, Cass Creek,
Johnny Stewart, Lynch
& plenty more.
We Carry:
We are full line stocking
dealers for pretty much every
firearms company in the U.S.
If you cannot find your brand,
please call us for

In short, if it’s currently
in production, we
probably carry it. See some
of the examples below.

We Carry:
We are full line
stocking dealers
for pretty much
every firearms
company in the
U.S. If you cannot
find your brand,
please call us for

If it’s in
production, we
either carry it
or can get it!

We Carry:
Leupold, Sightron,
Zeiss, Leica, Bushnell,
Burris, Nikon, TC,
Nightforce, Simmons,
Sheppard, Nikko-
Sterling, and
many more.
Reloading products:
Every type of reloading
manual available,
presses, starter kits,
RCBS accessories,
Dillon sets, Dillon
presses, Dillon
accessories, Redding dies,
Redding accessories,
Lee dies, Lee accessories,
Hornady dies, Hornady
Accessories, and all case
measuring and preparation
We Carry:
Our ammunition
selection is by far
the largest in the
entire four-
corners region!
If it can be shot,
we carry it!
Check out some
common items
we sell below!
Black-powder substittues,
solvents, rods, bullets,
sabots, round-ball, 209,
CVA, Knight, TC, and
much more.
Hunting rifles:
Bolt (left and right), lever,
single-shot, pump,
break-action, and many others.
Remington, Kimber, Ruger,
Browning, Tikka, Sako,
Winchester, Howa, Weatherby,
Savage, Cooper, Mossberg,
Benelli, Smith & Wesson,
Marlin, CZ, H&R, and more!
Personal Defense:
revolver, concealed
carry, and in
calibers from 22LR,
to 500S&W!
Kimber, S&W,
Ruger, CZ, Kel-Tec,
Glock, Springfield,
HK, Bersa, Colt, Sig
Sauer, 1911
models, and many
For those who want
the best scope we
offer the full line of
Leupold and Zeiss
scopes. Those of you
who need a good scope
for the hunt with a
better price we carry
Sightron which is
backed by a lifetime
warranty. As well,
we also have many
discount scopes such
as Shooter’s Edge for
budget constrained.
Reloading bullets: Pistol
Hornady, Speer,
Remington, Winchester,
Berry’s, and others.
Rifle, plinking:
We have discount
ammo from the
Hunter’s Shack,
Wolf, Rafter 7,
Magtech, PMC,
Winchester, CCI,
and military bulk
(when available)
to suit all of your
plinking needs. In
addition to having
bulk pricing on
popular calibers
such as 22, 223,
7.62, 308, 45 C, &
many more!
Targets and shooting:
IPA, 3-gun, target
stands, Birchwood-
Casey, Redfield sight-
in targets, life-sized
targets (deer, elk, bear,
cat, etc.) & more.
Flint-lock & sidehammer,
percussion, 209, break-
action, bolt, and variations.
Thompson Center, Knight,
CVA, Remington, Traditions,
and many others.
For the range:
We have a full line
of target pistols for
range shooting.
From popular .45
ACP models in
Kimbers to
Nightforce, to
match-grade 22LR
Pistols, we have
them all!
We carry a full line of
holographic sites
from Eotech and
many other red-dot
sighting systems. If
you want to go long
range, we carry
many different levels
of drop-compensated
and Mil-dot scopes for
those looking to
“reach out” into the
thousands of yards!
Reloading bullets: Rifle
Berger, Nosler, Barnes,
Hornady, Speer, cowboy
action, Sierra, Remington,
Combined Tech, and more.
Rifle, Premium:
We carry Federal
Premium ammo,
Nosler Premium,
Winchester XP3,
Hornady, Berger
new loads,and
many others
to make sure your
hunt is successful
as your ammo!
On the range:
SKB rifle & pistol cases
(hard and soft), Plano,
Flambeau, Led-sleds, site
in vices, cleaning kits from
Kleen-Bore, cleaning brushes,
patches, rods, and more.
Plus a full line of range-bags,
bipods, sand-bags, hearing
protection & more.
Leisure rifles:
22 long-rifles, 17HMR,
22 magnum, pellet rifles, BB
rifles, youth models, left-
handed bolts, cowboy action,
lever action, single shot,
and many more.
Davy Crickett, Remnington,
Mossberg, Ruger, Henry,
Puma, Winchester, CZ,
Marlin and many imports.
If you’re looking for
a big challenge,
hunting with a
pistol will test your
skills unlike any
other form of
shooting! We carry
357 mag, 44 mag,
454 casull, and
even the new 460
S&W and 500!
Pistol and Scout:
Looking for a scope for
that pistol that can
handle the beating
of a high-recoil
firearm? We carry
pistol scopes from
Leupold, Burris, and
red-dots from BSA to
many others! We
also have scout scopes
for those looking for
mid-range eye relief.
Reloading powders:
We carry a full line of
Hodgdon,IMR, Alliant,
Winchester, and Ramshot
Pistol, Plinking:
We carry discount
ammo from CCI,
Winchester, Rem.,
Hunting Shack,
Rafter 7, Wolf, &
plenty more to
suit all of your
needs in either
FMJ’s, wadcutters,
lead nosed and on
and on!
In the field:
Game bags, knives (for carry
& for game dressing), decoys,
scabbards, slings and swivels,
scent eliminator, Surefire
lights, bipods, monopods,
& everything you need
for your well-deserved hunt!
Semi-auto, pump, side-by,
over/under, single shot,
and many other home
defense and in-the-field
Beretta, Benelli, Winchester,
CZ, Mossberg, Remington,
TC, Ruger, Browning and
many more.
Collectors, we have
a huge selection of
pistols that can add
diversity to your
collection ranging
from A1 Colts, to
many pre-war
models. As well, you
can often find many
rare pieces from as
odd as H&K P13’s,
to rare single
actions! Our
inventory is always
changing, so do
check with us often!
Sights and lasers:
For those who want
just a basic sight
upgrade, we carry a
full line of night-
sights from all the top
brands! As well, we
have laser systems
from some of the best
in multiple colors
such as green for the
daytime and red for
the night!
Reloading primers:
Full line of CCI, Winchester,
Remington, and Federal.
Pistol, Premium:
We offer top of the
line ammo from
like CCI, Rem.,
Winchester, and
specialty defense
ammo from CCI,
Federal, Corbon,
PMC, Hornady,
and plenty more!
Parts and accessories:
Replacement stocks, trigger
kits, recoil pads, conversion
kits for stocks, grips, night
sites, magazines and clips,
replacement sites and many
in stock replacement
parts (if not in stock, we can
order any part for you from
one of our many national
warehouses), and much more!
AR-15, M1A, SKS,
AK, FS200, PS90, HK,
uppers and lowers, FAL,
Mini-14, and many
other types of tactical
weapons and accessories.
Rock-River, S&W, Bushmaster,
Remington, Springfield, FN,
For the woman:
We offer over 25
years of experience
in outfitting women
with personal
defense weapons. In
short, we know
what is made for
the ladies and what
is not. Come talk to
one of our sales reps
to talk about what
offers we have for
women to defend
their rights!
Fixed power:
Looking to have the
benefit light-
gathering pluses of a
scope but not the
added liability of
power? We have fixed
vairable scopes and
non-powered scopes
to fit all of your needs
Reloading brass:
Remington, Winchester,
surplus (when available),
Nosler premium,
Weatherby, Federal & more.
Shot and Specialty
You’ll find
shotshells from
Estate, Federal,
Winchester, Rem.,
and more for
10, 12, 16, 20,
28 and 410 gauge.
As well we also
carry tracer
rounds and
other types of
defense ammo
such as slugs and
flechettes! If it
goes BANG, we
likely have it!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

If you don’t see it in the above chart, you can still likely find it in our store–we have more products than could we ever expect to fit on one single web page.

Feel free to call us at 505-326-7474 if you have any other questions and make sure to stop by our place of business. See map and directions at the bottom of this page!