Want it now? Layaway it for free

Want something now, but can’t afford it all right now? We offer layaways for customers who know what they want and need a little extra time to make the purchase!

And guess what’s even better?  It’s free!

25% down, 90 days to pay!

Terms and conditions:

  1. Only tickets or items of $100 or more are eligible for our layaway program (yes, you can build a ticket of multiple items for as much as you want, or just single items).
  2. At least 25% of the total price down (tax included).
  3. 90 days to pay off the rest of the product (we are flexible though if it takes you a little longer, just make sure to let us know before your 90 days are up).
  4. You may cancel your layaway at anytime without incurring any fees if you trade that credit for another item in store, instead of requesting payment back.
  5. A 10% restocking fee of total price on all items that you cancel your layaway on if requesting payment back (because our layaway program is free, we have to hold this policy so customers do not neglect their plan beyond the 90 days).
  6. If you are requesting a refund minus the 10% restocking fee, we can only pay you in in the same manner by which you paid us. If you used a credit/debit card, we must have that same credit/debit card to credit your account–we cannot offer cash refunds on payments made with credit/debit cards.
  7. If you are laying-away a firearm that requires a form 4473 to be filed, the person who paid for the firearm must be the same person who fills out the form. In the instance of a gift, the intended owner must be the person who fills out the form. Pursuant to Federal law, we will not under any circumstances honor straw-man purchases in the form of layaways.