When you just want it "off your hands"

Sale Policy:

East Main Trade Center reserves the right to refuse to conduct any sale, for any reason. As well, we will be perfectly up-front with you: We cannot offer premium prices for items we buy. We strive our best to serve our consumers as best as possible with the lowest prices, so the higher we pay for an item, the higher the cost and the less likely we are to resell the item.

All products are bought on a used basis. Yes, you may have never fired a firearm you wish to sell, but the simple fact that it had a transitional owner makes it used. Additionally, many manufacturers do not honor warranties to anyone but the original purchaser. Because we cannot sell the product as new, we cannot buy it at new, wholesale cost.

Accordingly, if you are looking to get the absolute most money for the item you are trying to sell, we would recommend selling it at a flea market or use an advertising company like the local paper, the Thrifty Nickel, Craig’s List online, or another auction type website. Be warned, online transactions for all firearms require the use of an FFL dealer to make the transaction. Do note ever, under any circumstances,  sell a firearm to an individual who does not pass clearance on a 4473 form, or other relevant form according to all federal, state, and local laws.

In conclusion, we want you to know that we may not be able to offer you the best price for your sell merchandise. If, however, you feel we can meet the timeliness of your need and you are willing to bargin, we would be happy to work a deal with you. We also offer higher prices for items traded for in-store credit toward another item.

If you think you may want the item back because the price is lower, you may feel free to pawn it instead of selling it outright.

Common items we buy at the right price:

  1. Functional, safe, unloaded firearms.
  2. Jewelery (we do not accept zirconium stones, gold-plated materials, or imitation metals, stones or gems).
  3. Televisions past year 2005.
  4. Gaming systems (Xbox, 360, PS3, Wii–no older systems are accepted).
  5. Musical instruments and sound amplifiers (minus keyboards).
  6. Functional, American-made tools–no guarantees can be made on foreign tools or electronic tools; they will be judged on a case-by-case basis.
  7. High-quality chainsaws.
  8. Bows.
  9. Other market-valuables.
  10. Lightly-used saddlery.

Items we do NOT purchase:

  1. Any item that is not functionally sound.
  2. Novelty jewelery.
  3. Old electronics.
  4. Bicycles or any other form of transportation.
  5. Most fishing gear (only high quality gear is even considered).
  6. Paintball or airsoft guns.
  7. Items too large for display.
  8. Personalized goods.
  9. Heirlooms and antiques.
  10. Any and all abused items.
  11. Home, car, personal audio equipment.

If you aren’t sure if we would buy something you have, please feel free to call us at 505-326-7474 so we can let you know if it is an item we  would be willing to purchase.

The above information on the website is for informational purposes only and does not fully express the nature of the contract. Only by reading the contract on the sell ticket itself are you reading the actual sell contract; East Main Trade is not liable for information listed on this site as fully true but, instead, as information to help those unfamiliar with selling understand the concept. East Main Trade reserves all rights regarding this information, see our disclaimer.