Want to spice up your collection? Trade with us

Trade Policy:

If you intend to sell an item, you may want to consider trading it for in-store credit towards an immediate purchase or store credit that is good for one year.

East Main Trade Center reserves the right to refuse to conduct any trade , for any reason. As well, we will be perfectly up-front with you: We cannot offer premium prices for items we trade for. We strive our best to serve our consumers as best as possible with the lowest prices, so the deeper we are into an item, the higher the cost and the less likely we are to resell the item.

All products are traded for on a used basis. Yes, you may have never fired a firearm you wish to trade, but the simple fact that it had a transitional owner makes it used. Additionally, many manufacturers do not honor warranties to anyone but the original purchaser. Because we cannot sell the product as new, we cannot trade for it at new, wholesale cost.

However, because when you trade with us we know that you are leaving us with one of our products, trades will yield you more money than selling us your item outright.

Common items we trade for at the right price:

Our trade policy differs greatly from that of our selling policy: The number one item we are happy to trade with are firearms. Many items we do not have a vested interest in trading for. Take for instance us taking in a hard-to-sell item and trading out a hot-seller. In short, we essentially end up not being able to move merchandise that way.

Accordingly, we are slightly more selective on what we trade with. However, if you have something of value that meets most of our pawn or sell requirements, we may be able to work with you as long as the item is in good shape and one we can feasibly sell at a reasonable price.

    If you aren’t sure if we would trade for something you have, please feel free to call us at 505-326-7474 so we can let you know if it is an item we  would be willing to bargain with.

    The above information on the website is for informational purposes only and does not fully express the nature of the contract. Only by reading the contract on the trade ticket itself are you reading the actual trade contract; East Main Trade is not liable for information listed on this site as fully true but, instead, as information to help those unfamiliar with selling understand the concept. East Main Trade reserves all rights regarding this information, see our disclaimer.